HTTP and RESTful

The Exchange API works by sending/receiving RESTful requests/responses over HTTP. GET indicates that this should be read-only; POST, read-write. Moreover, appending {username} to the URL is a must to identity yourself to get authenticated/authorized for “every” services.

API security

You have to apply for API access using your username and your static public IP. To use the Exchange API safely, the username is valid only for each api-v{version_no} that you have applied. Take note that IP lockdown will also be enforced before the API is made available to you.

7 available service points

There are 7 available service points that you can use to interact with; each of them will be included below.
  • 1
    Account Details
  • 2
    Account Current Bets
  • 3
    Account Statement
  • 4
    Product Listing
  • 5
    Product Snapshot
  • 6
    Product History
  • 7
    Bet Placement
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